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The Book

The Purpose


Being a collegiate athlete comes with a lot of pressure. Too often we see student-athletes with a life of promise ahead, slipping and hitting the ground face first, awakened by the realities of these challenges (if you follow today’s media, there are more than enough examples of this, so we will spare you of a long list of incidents). From the outside looking in, people often say, “what is wrong with kids these days,” or “I can’t believe he or she would make a dumb mistake like that and blow their entire career!” The reality is these are a young people entering a multibillion dollar industry with very little knowledge about what it takes to be an adult, let alone a businessperson. Most are physically and mentally unprepared for what they are about to encounter as a student-athlete.

Through our experience of being teammates, coaches, and administrators at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels, time and time again we have witnessed thousands of student-athletes fail due to this lack of preparation. We have identified a huge void in our athletic system that is causing student-athletes with hopeful careers to continue to stumble their way out of competition on and off the field. Beyond the Gridiron: How to Successfully Transition into Collegiate Football has promised to turn the tide.

This book is structured to lay out a blueprint for student-athletes to follow as they transition into and out of collegiate athletics. We provide insight on what it is going to take to rise above the pressure and position themselves for success on and off the field. We deliver firsthand knowledge and personal experiences throughout each chapter that all student athletes can relate to and learn from. Our purpose is to equip student-athletes with the tools to overcome the mental and physical challenges of collegiate athletics, and give each and every student-athlete who reads this book an honest shot at success.

Reviews and Endorsements

"Having been a former Director of Mental Health Counseling within the School Board and having the privilege of counseling many athletes over the past 19 years, it is so wonderful to see a book that truly helps student athletes understand the psychology of achievement from a broader perspective "beyond the gridiron." 

The authors do a wonderful job in showing athletes the necessity in having a balanced game-plan for life, and, the myriad of possibilities that can be equally fulfilling when professional football ceases to be a viable option. A great resource for student athletes as well as parents attempting to guide their youth through the maze of sports careers."  

-Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC, October 27, 2014

"This is a wonderful book for all athletes not just "football players". The techniques can be applied to all sports. I purchased two copies one for myself and the other to loan to college student-athletes'. I would suggest any middle school through college age student-athlete read this book. It give true insight. Kudos to the authors."   

-Adrienne, October 11, 2014 

"Great read for student athletes, but all people making transitions and overcoming adversity in life."

-Brian F. Wagner, July 6, 2014

""Very well written and important information for young men (and could apply to young women) entering the college athletic world."     

- Nole Women, April 23, 2016

"A great book for high school students (athletic or not)... both boys and girls and their parents. And also very good for any college age student going thru the stresses of college life. It is very well written with a most important message."

-Gordon S, October 10, 2014

"This book is Amazing!! I love all of the personal experiences that Travis and Ashton have shared in this book to younger Student Athletes who are going to go through a lot of the same obstacles and experiences."

-Jess, October 9, 2014

Excellent book and received email back from Travis-one of the authors! So appreciated him taking the time to email back! Great words of wisdom from 2 super gentlemen! Highly recommend!"

- kscooter, December 19, 2016


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